Cleaning is one of the most repeated and critical steps taken in a winery.  Sanitation impacts wine quality, water use, wastewater strength, staff time and process flow.


Sustainable grapes make better wine.  Drip irrigation, integrated pest management,  fertilizer use and operational decisions can all be used to transform the vineyard into a low impact ecosystem.


Water is essential to any operation in a winery.  Measuring and monitoring water use is key to making every drop of water count. Water efficiency and reuse are vital to reducing the water to wine ratio for a winery.



Wastewater is a part of winery operations.  Turning that wastewater back into usable water allows every drop to be used twice.  Wastewater management involves looking at opportunities to reduce wastewater volume and wastewater strength.


Zero Waste

Zero Waste is possible and easier than you might think.  Learn about wineries, tasting rooms and other facilities that have not only achieved Zero Waste but received certification.

Energy Efficiency

Energy use represents a significant cost for most wineries that is often treated as the cost of doing business.  Efficiency improvements have the potential to reduce costs by 30% or more.

New Technology 

New tools, techniques and processes apply modern science and innovations from other industries to make the highest quality wine with the lowest possible footprint.


What is the carbon footprint for a bottle of wine?  Vineyard operations, winery energy use, packaging and transportation all contribute to the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions.  Opportunities exist to reduce direct and indirect pollution associated with each step.


Certification helps communicate quality to customers.  See some of the existing winery and vineyard certification systems both in the U.S. and around the world.

Strategy + Sales 

Sustainability Strategy involves embedding sustainability across the organization.  This unlocks the true value of sustainability efforts by supporting marketing, sales, and new business opportunities.