Sustainable Grapes make better wine!

Good wine comes directly from the vineyard.  Growing the best quality grapes makes the best quality wine, because caring for the land is a critical part of producing outstanding grapes year after year.  Many growers already integrate sustainable wine growing practices into their growing operations.  Some growers take sustainable wine growing to the next level by reducing impacts and turning the vineyard into its own ecosystem.


Vineyard Water Use

Good wine grapes don't need lots of water.  Less water creates more vine stress and richer flavor profiles.  Deficit irrigation reduces water use to the minimum needed to produce the best crop possible.  Tools like soil moisture probes, sap monitoring, aerial imagery, smart scheduling and drip irrigation make the maximum use out of every drop.  Vineyards can also minimize their water footprint by using recycled water.  


Integrated Pest Management

Pest management is a key part of growing and minimizing crop damage.  Pest management includes a range of tools: 

  • Creating a habitat for beneficial organisms (insectary gardens, owl boxes, bat boxes, etc.) 
  • Regular vineyard monitoring and pest scouting 
  • Integrated canopy and vine balance
  • Pesticide use (Organic or Conventional)


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